thirty three

Photo via Unsplash by Frank McKenna one. it's three thirty-three as i type up my thirty third blog post. *insert the x-files theme song* two. for the past several days, i have been waking up at eight thirty, out of bed by nine, so i can make my coffee and settle down at my kitchen … Continue reading thirty three

may reads: mini reviews

How the fuck is it the end of May?? Also, know I missed April's mini reviews and it was honestly because I read so damn much that month. And didn't have any energy to actually sit down and remember to review them. June will be a better month, I hope, as I am trying to … Continue reading may reads: mini reviews

ten things

one. spring is such a difficult season. surge of allergies, temperamental weather, aching joints as they come out of winter. michigan spring has been difficult. the temperatures dropped for about a week, rained two days in a row, steadily climbing back to the 70s, but interspersed with lows of 30s. my body is having a … Continue reading ten things